Stock lining can be hired or purchased

Seamless interiors offer a selection of stock lining that can be washed and re-used without requiring additional flame retardant.
Stock linings are fitted to a wire, a ridge bar at the apex of the roof, or depending on size, keder fed.
They are then attached to a wire around the perimeter of the structure.
Seams join the roof linings at 3 to 5m intervals, allowing lighting teams to run their services concealed in the roof space.
Stock lining is more cost effective than tack-off, as it is reusable, however a combination of stock and tack-off linings can offer a very impressive and
cost-effective solution to any event. Along with dry hire, we also offer a fitting service and our skilled crew provide a seamless finish for any event.

If you would like to hire any of our linings, please see our Price sheet for stock linings here.
If you would like any further information on this service, please call 01256 636604 or email

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