Tack-off offers you an unrivaled finish to the interior of your temporary structure or existing building

Our name is the key; our tack-off finish is ‘Seamless’, so we take care to ensure that all other services, such as lighting, air conditioning and heating, are installed prior to tack-off. Obviously, we will assist you with this essential aspect, as part of our service.
The Seamless interiors’ team build a timber frame within the interior of your structure, after all the services are installed, then attach our fabric, using compressed air powered tack guns, stapling the fabric to the frame, creating a taut, and Seamless, finish.
Our material is designed and installed for single use; we remove the linings and timber from site, after the event has taken place and carefully recycle it.
Tack-off allows you to create a completely individual interior, making the design of rooms more flexible.
Please call us to discuss how your event might be improved, and perfected, by using tack-off lining.